The discovery of a lump or a hard spot anywhere on your body can be unnerving, and most people immediately equate lumps with cancer. While this is one cause of a lump in your mouth, there are other causes as well. Many causes of lumps are easily treated, and some may require no treatment at all. However, because there is also a potential for the lump to be a tumor or cancerous growth, it is wise to set up an appointment with your dentist in Atlanta for a check-up and oral cancer screening.

Possible Causes of Lumps in Your Mouth
There are numerous things that may cause a lump in your mouth. For example, trauma may result in a bruised area in the mouth, and a bacterial infection in your gums may also cause a bump. If you are pregnant, hormonal changes could cause one or several bumps to appear in your mouth. When a canker sore forms in the mouth, it will often appear as a hard, raised area before it festers into a full canker sore. Oral cancer is rare, but it can also cause a lump in your mouth.

Warning Signs to Look For
It is important to note that anyone can develop oral cancer, regardless of age or health status. The leading cause of this type of cancer is HPV. You do not need to smoke or have a history of this type of cancer to be at risk of developing it. If you have noticed any signs of oral cancer, you may consider making an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. These signs include bleeding sores in the mouth, ear pain, a numb tongue, and difficulty swallowing or chewing. When you consult a dentist, he/she will look at your X-rays (or recommend you to have one), your mouth and other areas, such as your neck and jaw, to determine what is causing your lump. Early diagnosis and treatment is critical for the best outcome.

The discovery of a hard spot in your mouth is disturbing, but there are many causes, so you need to be sure of the cause of your mouth lumps before you start worrying. If you have any of the symptoms of oral cancer, setting up an appointment for oral cancer screening with a dentist in Atlanta, such as Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry, is important.

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