Your oral health shouldn’t take a backseat to your general health. Health problems can also originate from your mouth, which is why skilled Buckhead dental care is needed. To take care of your oral health, you should come in for a dental checkup every six months. This will allow your dentist to check for any signs of the following conditions:

Oral Cancer

The most troubling condition that you can get is oral cancer. A dental check-up can reveal signs of cancer or precancerous lesions. It is especially important to catch these signs at the earliest possible time, as detecting cancer in its early stages increases the chances of treatment and survival. Most of the time, this only involves a physical examination, but the dentist may find the need to get tissue samples for more testing.

Some factors can increase the risk of oral cancer in a person. These include heavy tobacco use, whether smoking or chewing, and heavy alcohol use. If you’ve been previously diagnosed with oral cancer, then you also have a higher chance of developing it again. Long-term exposure to the sun can also raise your chances of getting lip cancer.

Periodontal Disease

In 2009 and 2010, a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that one out of every two Americans over the age of 30 suffered from some form of periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases range from simple gum infections to major diseases that can damage the tissues and bones that support the teeth. They can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort. If left untreated, these diseases can lead to sensitive gums that bleed easily. Other symptoms of gum diseases include bad breath that won’t go away, and loose teeth. A dentist can recommend a treatment plan to stop gum disease, whether at the early stages or more advanced ones.

Dental Caries

Dental cavities are the main reasons you’ll want to visit a Buckhead dentistry office, like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry. Tooth decay is the second-most common health disorder in the world, but it can easily be avoided. The bacteria in food stick to your teeth and develop into plaque. Food particles that continue to collect in the mouth feed these bacteria, allowing them to thrive. The plaque then secretes acid onto your teeth, starting the process of tooth decay.

A dental checkup can detect significant plaque buildup and give your dentist a chance to remove them. Additionally, your dentist will be able to gauge how much damage has been done to your teeth and mouth, and determine appropriate treatments like fillings, crowns, and many other options.
(Source: CDC: HALF OF AMERICAN ADULTS HAVE PERIODONTAL DISEASE, American Academy of Periodontology)

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