Chipped teeth are unfortunately common, and the damage can range from being purely cosmetic to the destruction of the entire tooth. Damage may result from trauma, biting down wrong on food, weak teeth, and many other factors. Whether you believe that the damage to your tooth is only cosmetic or you are experiencing considerable pain from serious damage, visiting your Buckhead dentist is highly recommended. A dental professional can initially provide you with a consultation to assess the severity of damage before recommending a treatment that would be the most effective in your case. Several treatment options available include the following:

Treatment for Minor Damage

A tooth with a small chip generally will not require significant treatment. The dentist may smooth and polish the surface so that it becomes attractive once more and the damage is no longer noticeable. This can also minimize the likelihood of a cavity developing in this area. This is almost always a non-urgent appointment that can be completed during the next available opening in the dentist’s schedule.

Treatment for Moderate Damage

Moderate damage from a chipped tooth generally means that the enamel of the tooth has been whittled away, but the nerve is not exposed. Most dental professionals will add a sealant or covering over the damaged area. Depending on the location and the size of the damaged area, this may include a cap, a crown, or a filling. This can prevent worse damage from developing. While this is not a serious issue, most people will want to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Buckhead as soon as possible.

Treatment for Severe Damage

When a chipped tooth is severely damaged, a portion of the root is exposed. This can cause moderate to severe pain, and it can also lead to other significant issues if not treated properly and immediately. Some dental offices offer emergency dental services for this type of damage. Treatment options range from full root canals or replacements to caps or crowns.

As a good rule of thumb, if your chipped tooth is not causing pain, you may wait until normal business hours to contact your dental office. If you are in pain, though, it is wise to look for a practice that provides emergency services.


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