When meeting somebody for the first time, the smile is probably the feature that’s immediately noticed, as some even base their impressions of the person just by their smile. Hence, people tend to be very conscious of the state of their teeth. Having crooked, misaligned, spacing problems, and bite issues greatly affect their self-esteem. Fortunately, a skilled Atlanta dentist is capable of fixing these usual concerns through safe procedures, such as invisible aligners, otherwise known as Invisalign.

Metal Braces or Invisalign?

The metal braces are the go-to option for patients with dental issues. It’s comprised of metal brackets connected by wires to aid in the teeth’s movement. On the other hand, the newer approach for straightening teeth, Invisalign, functions in basically the same way, but without the use of brackets and wires. These come in clear and tight-fitting custom-made trays slipped over a person’s teeth.

However, because of their distinct features, not everyone can choose the latter procedure as it’s best for teens and adults. For the younger ones with the same dental concerns, dentists would then perform thorough evaluations prior to suggesting a treatment, considering that their teeth are still developing.

In addition, the period for wearing metal braces and Invisalign varies as well, including their required procedures. For patients with braces, duration usually lasts between 10-24 months or more, while only a shorter period is needed for Invisalign. Furthermore, periodic adjustments are vital in metal braces, whereas Invisalign requires regular fitting and new sets of aligners.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

Obviously, having straight teeth is visually appealing and boosts a person’s confidence. Nevertheless, there are far more benefits of having that perfect smile for your overall dental health, such that your gums and teeth are at their best conditions. Since the gums hold the teeth, proper alignment means that teeth are secured, resulting in a strong defense against probable periodontal (gum) diseases.

Correctly aligned teeth also means easy cleaning and better dental care. With straight teeth, a person can easily remove all trapped food in between the teeth, which are the usual culprits of plaque build-up and tooth decay, with proper brushing and flossing. When bacteria gets stuck and left untreated, it may lead to further issues like mouth sores, bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth loss, and even serious medical illnesses such as stroke and diabetes.

In a nutshell, having straight teeth means that a person observes proper dental hygiene. If you think that you’re a candidate for teeth correcting procedures, visit your trusted dentist in Atlanta like the Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry immediately to achieve that smile you’ve always dreamed of.



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