Stop worrying about unappealing and uncomfortable metal fillings. At Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry, our Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Jolanda Warren, DMD, can give long-term protection for weak or damaged teeth while improving the quality of your smile. We offer metal-free dental restorations that include tooth-colored dental fillings.

Resin Dental Fillings

Also referred to as “white” fillings, resin dental fillings are created from a bio-compatible composite resin. As the material is directly applied to the tooth, resin dental fillings are considered as a direct restoration. While this type of dental filling may last for a long period of time, they are not permanent. Dr. Warren often uses resin dental fillings in conservative treatment plans to repair teeth that have minor damage or decay while protecting the tooth from future damage.

Porcelain Dental Fillings

Commonly known as either dental inlays or dental onlays, porcelain dental fillings are used for tooth restoration in cases of significant decay or damage. Dental inlays cover the interior contours of the tooth while dental onlays cover the whole biting surface.

What makes it different from resin dental fillings is that instead of being applied directly to the tooth, a porcelain dental filling is fabricated in a dental laboratory through CEREC technology. Porcelain is a durable material that will last for a long period of time with proper maintenance.

Replacing Metal Dental Fillings

Our Atlanta dentist, Dr. Warren, can replace old and unsightly amalgam dental fillings with a tooth-colored dental filling. Small amalgam or metal dental fillings can be easily removed and replaced while large metal fillings may require a dental crown for best results. A dental crown will cover any discoloration caused by the metal filling while adding stability to the tooth.

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