While teeth are incredibly hardwearing, they are by no means indestructible. Over time, teeth lose their white luster, and can show signs of damage, particularly if the patient’s dental hygiene leaves much to be desired. There are several ways to restore damaged teeth, and one of them involves the use of dental crowns.

Dental crowns are appliances that are fitted over teeth, much like caps. They work similarly to veneers, only that while veneers cover only the front, crowns completely enclose the teeth. Crowns enhance the durability of existing teeth, and can greatly improve the wearer’s smile. Best of all, no matter how cracked or crooked a tooth is, a crown can help conceal the problem tooth while replacing it with a more durable and more aesthetically-pleasing piece.

If you feel that dental crowns are the best option for your smile, then schedule an appointment with Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry today. Let our experienced dentist install the crowns carefully for a seamless, natural-looking smile.

Reasons to get a dental crown

Why would you need a dental crown? Typically, those with damaged and/or crooked teeth have crowns fitted in place in order to improve the look of their smiles. Crowns are also perfect for concealing teeth that have lost far too much enamel to restore their whiteness. Teeth that have been damaged by decay or teeth that have been subjected to root canal treatments will need crowns in order to cover the holes.

Porcelain crowns

Of the various materials that can be used as dental crowns, porcelain is perhaps one of the most suitable. Porcelain looks incredibly natural alongside teeth, and it does not discolor the patient’s gums over time unlike metal dental caps. Thanks to modern technology such as CEREC, it is now possible to create porcelain crowns that are much more durable than ever before.

Same-day treatment with CEREC technology

Dr. Warren of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry is certified to utilize CEREC technology to produce crowns. Through CEREC’s efficiency, it is possible for patients to have their teeth assessed, modeled, and then immediately fitted with crowns—all within the same day. Each patient is evaluated carefully so that the appropriate customized crowns can be made.

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