Missing teeth can be unsightly, and can prevent people from smiling or conversing properly with others. Moreover, missing teeth can cause dental difficulties to the individual, making future treatment and restoration efforts even harder to accomplish. Those with missing teeth should immediately approach Jolanda Warren, DMD of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry for replacements to avoid such difficulties.

Whether you have lost teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease, Dr. Warren will see to it that you are properly treated for and that you receive the most suitable restoration options. Choose from a variety of teeth restoration methods, such as dental implants, bridges, and implant-secured dentures.

Why should you replace missing teeth?

Those who think that they can get by without replacing their lost teeth should be wary; the gaps left behind by missing teeth can lead to serious consequences. When a tooth is lost, the part of the jawbone it used to fill begins to deteriorate, which can alter the shape and contour of the individual’s face over time. This bone resorption also complicates any attempts to replace the lost tooth, so it would be a good idea to have a tooth replaced the moment it is lost.

Aesthetically, missing teeth can detract from a person’s appearance, and can be a source of discomfort and shame. Replacing the lost teeth solves all these problems and quells any anxieties about having unsightly gaps in the mouth.

Replacement options to choose from

Patients should know that there are several ways to restore their lost teeth. Our restoration options are:

Dental implants – Of the various dental restoration options possible, dental implants are the most natural-looking and secure. They are also the best long term dental restoration solutions, since they need little to no post-operation maintenance, and can be cleaned with simple brushing and/or flossing.

Implant-supported dentures – With implant-secured dentures, patients receive a semi-permanent solution to their missing teeth problem without the slippage problem.

Dental bridges – Dental bridges are appliances that “bridge” the gap between two teeth. They can be used to replace several missing teeth at once, provided that there are some existing teeth left between the spaces.

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