Bleeding gums, also known as gingival bleeding, can be a symptom for periodontal disease. Patients who experience bleeding, or who suspect that their gums bleed should see their dentist immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Only with proper dental hygiene and a healthy lifestyle can bleeding gums be prevented.

What causes bleeding gums?

There are several reasons as to why gums could bleed. If an individual brushes or flosses too aggressively, he or she risks injuring his or her gums, which leads to bleeding. Pregnant women, in particular, are more prone to bleeding gums due to the hormonal changes they are undergoing, and will need to be extra careful when brushing or flossing to avoid hurting themselves.

Gingival bleeding can also be a sign of gum disease, and it is usually accompanied by inflammation of the afflicted gums. Gingivitis and its advanced stage, periodontitis, can also cause bleeding gums, due to the destructive plaque buildup associated with the disorder. It goes without saying that whether a patient accidentally wounded his gums or is suffering from a disease, it would be a wise decision to let a dentist examine the cause of the bleeding and come up with a treatment plan for it.


Patients diagnosed with gingivitis or periodontitis will require specialized plaque removal treatments in order to stop the bleeding, which is only a symptom of an even greater problem. Antibacterial rinses can be used to reduce the effects of inflammation and treat gingivitis. Those with periodontitis will need actual treatments from dentists, especially if their plaque problem is too severe.

Dr. Warren of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry uses scaling and root planing to clear awkward spots between gums of bacteria and other debris that could cause bleeding. She also employs laser dentistry to remedy the effects of gum disease in patients. If you need professional treatment for your bleeding gums, come to our office today, and let Dr. Warren address your gum problems.

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