You may have been brushing twice daily, as recommended by dentists, but are you actually brushing your teeth the right way? Unfortunately, how you are currently brushing your teeth may actually be doing more harm than good.
Surprisingly, a lot of people are guilty of not knowing the proper way of brushing their teeth. Since brushing your teeth is important in keeping your mouth clean, it’s equally important to do it the dentist-approved way. Take time to learn these brushing tips that are vital for proper dental care as advised by a trusted dentist.
Do It Gently
Everyone has their own way of brushing their teeth, and some of these techniques might be harmful because it involves the use of unnecessary force. Dentists recommend brushing teeth lightly and gently, as harsh brushing damages the teeth and erodes your gums. To put it simply, brush your teeth the way you would clean antique furniture.
Take More Time
Though dentists recommend brushing teeth for at least two minutes, most people spend less time brushing their teeth in the morning, especially when they’re rushing to get to work on time. While this may rid you of your morning breath, cavity-causing bacteria may still remain in your mouth. To achieve the dentist-recommended brushing time, set a timer or listen to a song that lasts for at least two minutes.
Wait for at least 30 Minutes
While it may seem to make sense for you to brush your teeth immediately after eating a meal, doing so may actually do more harm to your oral health. The acidic content of your last meal often leaves enamel soft. Brushing your teeth while they’re in this state only serves to wear down your teeth’s protective layer. Dentists recommend waiting for at least 30 minutes after finishing a meal before you brush your teeth.
Ask a Dentist for the Best Brushing Technique
One effective brushing technique that everyone can easily do is to use a circular or elliptical motion to gradually clean your teeth. Though this is among the numerous effective brushing techniques, it’s still recommended to use the one that will work best for the position of your teeth and the condition of your gums. You can consult a professional at a family dentistry practice, like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry, who serves patients in Buckhead to learn the best tooth brushing technique for you.
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