According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child has to undergo his first dental exam once his first baby tooth voluntarily falls off on or before his first birthday. While biannual visits are recommended for adults, the frequency for young children depends on their risks of tooth decay, overall health and current ages.

Only when the child reaches a year older and above will the recommended six-month visits be applicable, but the number of visits may still increase or lessen depending on the results of each check-up. Given the differences between caring for the dental health of children as opposed to adults, the former are best handled by pediatric dentists for their specialized training.

Large white chairs with long creepy arms, strange drill noises and a plain corporate environment are among the many things that most children fear in a dental environment. Before the big day, it’s important for parents to talk to their children and prepare them for the events that will happen during the exam. Meanwhile, dentists also have to be careful when answering the child’s questions, namely, with a friendlier mien and ample patience.

The Role of Parents

When scheduling the visit, it is best to have it at the time of day when the child is fully-rested and most cooperative. As you tell your child about what will happen during the appointment, be sure to limit the answers and information to a general level, and tell him that this is because the dentist is more qualified to tell him what he needs to know. You can also relate a positive dental experience to your child to raise his spirits.

The Role of Dentists

Your dentist should use a friendly voice when explaining the procedure, with simple words that are suitable for your child’s age. The dentist may also use a doll or another person in the office for a quick demonstration prior to the actual process for the child’s easier comprehension. While the dentist inspects the teeth, he or she can also relate inspiring or engaging stories to the young patient to keep him calm and busy. A dentist in Atlanta, GA like one from Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry can do all these and more to give your child a fun and relaxing appointment. Let them guide your children to better dental health.



Easing your child’s fear of the dentist.

Dental exam for children.

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