For many people, the act of scheduling and following through on a dental appointment can be a chore. Some people retain bad memories of drills and dental implements from their youth, creating a potent fear of the dentist that prevents them from getting the treatment they need. If you are one of those who suffer from dental fear, keep in mind that dental offices today are equipped with the latest technology that has made painful dentistry a thing of the past. Likewise, modern dental offices like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry are designed to help patients relax and feel comfortable in every visit.

Keep in mind that, if gone unchecked, what seems like a minor dental problem can develop into a more serious condition. There are a number of reasons to justify scheduling an appointment with your Buckhead dentist.

Traumatic Dental Injuries

“Traumatic” injuries–those caused by direct physical damage to the face–signify the most urgent reason to visit a dentist. Direct damage can range from a chip on your tooth to permanent loss. You may also suffer from cuts or lacerations to your gums, cheeks, or teeth. Traumatic injuries should be treated as soon as possible. Immediate action can increase the chance of re-implanting or repairing a tooth, and severe cuts may require stitches.

Non-Traumatic Dental Problems

There are a host of other situations that, while not as immediately severe as traumatic injury, can signify larger problems. Swollen or inflamed gums may cause little to no immediate pain but could be a symptom of gingivitis or gum disease. The pain of a toothache may subside on its own, but just because you’ve fought off the infection doesn’t mean the root problem is treated. Gum disease may also be reflected in long-term bad breath, recurring sores in your gums or mouth, or white spots on your gums.

Regularly Scheduled Appointments

While proper personal care like regularly brushing and flossing can help keep your teeth healthy, a dentist can help you with the problems you can’t see. Most people are recommended to schedule a check-up every six month. While some may be able to get by with less frequent visits, keeping to a consistent schedule will help you stay alert to problems before they become serious. Some individuals, like smokers, those with diabetes, and those subject to frequent cavities and plaque should consider scheduling appointments more often.

Whether you’re suffering from an emergency or just trying to stay current on your health, building a rapport with your dentist in Buckhead can help keep your teeth healthier and more beautiful.



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