When you think about visiting the dentist, you may think about things like fluoride treatments, x-rays and even fillings for cavities. These are among the more common dental services, and most dental offices in the Atlanta area provide these treatments and services. However, the best dentist also goes a step above and beyond this to help you with all aspects of oral health, such as oral cancer prevention.

Oral cancer is often difficult for individuals to detect on their own, but dentists have the knowledge and expertise to look for signs and symptoms. Early detection is beneficial because it means that treatment can begin sooner for the best overall outcome.

Oral Cancer Screenings

The best dentists in the area provide oral cancer screenings as part of their routine exam. As the dentist is examining the teeth for cavities and other issues, and while he or she is looking for signs of gum disease, gingivitis and more, the dentist can also search for signs of oral cancer. These include lumps and bumps in the mouth, white or red patches and sores that do not heal. Many people do not inspect the inside of their own mouth thoroughly, and even those who do may not recognize these signs as being symptoms of oral cancer. In fact, many will not seek diagnosis or treatment of these types of symptoms until they significantly worsen or until other symptoms develop after the cancer has spread.

Early Detection

The survival rate for oral cancer is directly linked to the stage the cancer is in at the time of diagnosis. In many cases, this type of cancer is not recognized and diagnosed until it has spread to other regions of the body, and this can make treatment more difficult and less successful overall. The ability to diagnose the condition early on is a true benefit to individuals, and this can improve the survival rate considerably.

Regular oral cancer screenings are important for all individuals, but many are not receiving the regular screening they need. If your dentist does not offer this service as part of routine care, you may consider the benefits of finding another one who does.



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