Many people would change at least one thing about their smile if they could, and some may have several things they dislike about their teeth and gums. While each person is unique, there are a few common concerns and complaints that many people share about their smile. The good news is that most common cosmetic dental concerns can be addressed rather easily with proper dental care. Below are the most common cosmetic dental concerns people have about their smiles, and the treatment options they may use to improve their teeth.

Discolored Teeth
Teeth discoloration or yellowing is common. It can happen naturally with age, or result from smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or consuming food that stains the teeth. Going for whitening services in a reputable dentistry practice in Buckhead, such as Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry, is one option you can take to make your teeth several shades brighter over the course of a few treatments.

Some cases of discoloration, however, will not respond to whitening. For example, if your teeth were discolored in the womb because of medication your mother took while pregnant, or if they changed color because of trauma, another treatment may be needed. Veneers are commonly used to whiten teeth when whitening treatments are not effective.

Crooked or Misaligned Teeth
Even if you had braces as a child or teenager, there is a good chance that your teeth have moved back to their natural position, at least partially, over the last years or decades. There are numerous ways to correct misaligned teeth, and braces are among the most common. In some cases, veneers or other similar treatments may also be used.

A Gummy Smile
If your main concern is that your smile shows too much gum and not enough teeth, a simple solution would be a laser gum lift. With this procedure, the dentist uses a fine laser to sculpt and contour the gum. This process has improved in recent years, and there is minimal discomfort or downtime associated with it. You could enjoy the look of your new smile immediately after the treatment is completed.

These are a few common mouth and smile concerns, but you may have your own unique concerns. Consulting a cosmetic dentist will help you come up with treatment options that are customized to address your specific concerns.

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