When people look for dentists in Atlanta, most look for a dental office that’s close to their home or workplace and that accepts their dental insurance. While these two are valid concerns, it’s recommended that you also learn more about the different services found in a dental office and choose a practice that offers most of them. A dental office with numerous services may be able to offer the following:

Oral Cancer Screening
Approximately 37,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed each year, and the leading cause of this type of cancer is HPV. Many young and seemingly healthy individuals develop oral cancer. While the survival rate for this type of cancer is high when diagnosed early, the survival rate plummets when the cancer is discovered at an advanced stage. The ideal dentist is one who actively screens patients for symptoms of oral cancer and who strives to facilitate an early diagnosis.

Advanced Preventative Services
When talking about preventative dentistry, you may be thinking of regular hygiene exams and X-rays. These are routine services, but some dentists go the extra mile to help you take better care of your teeth and gums. For example, some will examine your jawbone joints to look for signs of TMJ. They may also look for signs of teeth grinding, gum disease and more. When these issues are caught early, significant problems that are associated with them can also be prevented through the right treatments or services.

Cosmetic Dental Services
Many dental offices offer basic cosmetic dental services, such as whitening. Others, though, offer advanced services, such as bonding, veneers, implants, gum lifts, and bridges. While these are termed as cosmetic services, they often do more than just improve the look of your teeth and gums. They could improve your bite and speech, or prevent more serious issues from developing.

When you are searching for a dentist in Atlanta GA, choose one that can offer you more services for whatever dental concern you may have, such as Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry. By doing so, you may be able to enjoy improved oral health over the years.

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