Cosmetic dentistry offers comprehensive care for both preventive and restorative treatments. The ultimate goal, apart from treating specific dental concerns, is to educate the patients about the importance of good oral health and provide preventive measures to ensure proper care in everyday life.

The First Visit

Every cosmetic dental treatment begins with a comprehensive exam and full set of X-rays. If any abnormalities are observed, an additional X-ray called a Panorex may be taken. This type of radiograph projects the picture of the entire cranial area and includes any impacted or supernumerary teeth. It also shows in detail the nasal and sinus regions.

At this time, the cosmetic dentist Atlanta also records the patient’s medical history, any genetic predispositions, lifestyle, and nutritional habits. The study models may be taken for future reference.

The Treatment Plan

Once all data has been gathered and reviewed, the dental provider will create a treatment plan unique to the patient’s needs. All individual concerns and expectations are addressed along with any available treatment options.

The Procedures

Various methods of restoration and smile improvement are presently available. Depending on the severity of any existing oral conditions and patient’s expectations, these procedures may be combined for best results.

Composite Fillings (Bonding)

Suitable for many different dental discrepancies, the bonding procedure is most commonly applied to correct the tooth structure affected by decay. Due to its sturdiness and visually pleasing results, this type of material can be placed in any area of the dentition with long-lasting prognosis.

Porcelain Veneers

Made of a thin ceramic compound, veneers typically serve as a cosmetic improvement of the patient’s smile. The patients who benefit the most from this type of treatment are those with moderate staining of the teeth, minor diastemas (spacing), or minute fractures.

Crowns and Bridges

These dental prostheses are permanently cemented to the underlying tooth structure and provide durability, strength, and enhanced aesthetics. Crowns and bridges are recommended when a significant part of the tooth is missing or when the teeth are absent and have to be replaced.

Partial or Full Dentures

These types of dental appliances are recommended when multiple teeth need to be extracted and the patient feels comfortable with removable devices.


Cosmetic dentistry has evolved into an art and science over the years. Patients can count on an experienced cosmetic dentist such as Dr. Jolanda Warren of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry in Atlanta, GA to provide suitable solutions for your specific oral care needs.

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