According to the American Dental Association, approximately 64 percent of adults over 65 have severe periodontal disease and about 47 percent of adults 30 years and older have periodontitis. Ignored, these gum problems can lead to even more serious issues like loss of teeth and gum recession. The good news is that periodontal diseases can easily be prevented through cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta combined with healthy dental habits.

Periodontal Screening

Periodontal screening is an effective Atlanta cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by a dentist to evaluate a patient’s periodontal status. During the procedure, the dentist will evaluate the medical history of a patient in order to identify conditions that can affect the treatment like hypertension, diabetes, pregnancy, substance abuse, medication, and others. After that, the dentist will assess the dental history of the patient including past treatments and periodontal care received.

After the initial examinations, the dentist will then examine the gums more closely, noting their color and firmness. The dentist will use a specialized instrument called a periodontal probe to measure the spaces between teeth and gums to determine whether there are gaps (referred to as periodontal pockets) that need to be closed up. If you have undergone replacements and other cosmetic dentistry procedures, your dentist will examine their condition as well. Plaque build-up, being one of the causes of periodontal disease, will also be noted and removed using in-office cleaning.

Lastly, the dentist will perform x-ray examinations of your teeth. If there are any abnormalities found the dentist will note these. After the screening, your dentist will look at the results and depending on the findings she will come up with a unique treatment plan.

Daily Dental Practices

Periodontal screening is a necessary procedure if you want to make sure that you are not at risk of developing gum diseases. A no less important practice, however, is taking care of your teeth and gums at home. Daily brushing after each meal is effective in removing plaque and pieces of food stuck in between teeth. You should also floss before bedtime to expel food particles that normal brushing can’t reach. Finish off with a swish of mouthwash that can reduce plaque build-up.

Periodontal disease is no laughing matter especially if it’s your teeth and gums that are on the line. Dentists from trusted practices like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry can help with early prevention of periodontal disease through educating patients and performing routine checkups.


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