The gums compose part of the foundation for your teeth. When the gums are afflicted with periodontal disease, the stability of the teeth is in jeopardy—but did you know that other organs, such as your prostate gland, may also be compromised because of unhealthy gums?
The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention reports that 47.2 percent of American adults over 30 years old have some form of periodontal disease, while 70.1 percent of people over 65 years old do. This is troubling since periodontal disease has been shown to increase the risk of other diseases such as prostate cancer.
In a joint undertaking between Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine and the University Hospitals Case Medical Center’s urology and pathology departments, researchers studied 27 adult men who recently had a prostate biopsy and had at least 18 teeth intact. They were found to have elevated prostate specific antigens (PSA) levels. Similarly, all of them had problems with moderate or severe periodontal disease.
Fortunately, you can reduce your risk of prostate cancer by taking care of your oral health. This starts by seeing trusted dentists such as Dr. Jolanda Warren of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry on a regular basis. This way, any gum issues that may be developing can be addressed before it gets worse.
Dental scaling is a common treatment method. The procedure scrapes away plaque deposits hiding within your gums. This prevents inflammation from occurring and prevents receding gums and other forms of periodontal issues. Laser dentistry can help reshape the gum line after the plaque is dealt with.
Once plaque has been dealt with, you can slow down further buildup by properly brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day. The use of an antiseptic mouth rinse is also advised. Lastly, don’t forget to see your dentist regularly for follow-ups.
In a time when more awareness about how dental maladies spell potential disaster down the line for your body’s overall health, all steps must be considered and studied. To learn more about how periodontal issues can cause other disease and how to prevent plaque buildup, do not hesitate to consult a leading dentist from Atlanta, GA today.


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