Maintaining a good working relationship with your dentist at an established Buckhead dental care practice is an essential part of retaining a healthy smile. Most individuals are encouraged to schedule an appointment at least twice a year for regular dental checkups, but staying personally vigilant is just as important.

Whether it’s keeping to a daily dental care routine or knowing how to respond during a dental emergency, there are a few things you should know to maintain an optimal level of health for you and your family.

Rules for Maintaining Good Hygiene

Prevention is the best medicine for great oral health, according to Dr. Warren, a Buckhead dental care expert.

There are several procedures you can follow to avert long-term consequences and poor oral health or pain. Flossing and brushing are the cornerstones of good hygiene, but the technique is just as important as the activity itself.


Before you brush, you should floss your upper and bottom teeth. This is especially important after eating certain foods. To highlight, if you finish eating and can feel food stuck between your teeth, it is better to floss now than later. Any expert dentist would tell you that flossing is equally as important as brushing. You should floss at least once a day, carefully flossing the space in between each tooth but taking it slow and gentle.


Everyone should thoroughly brush at least twice a day. Dental professionals suggest brushing for at least three minutes every time to ensure proper cleaning.

The brush should be held at a slight angle, focusing on where the tooth and gum meet and using short back-and-forth motions. You should make sure to clean all angles of your teeth as well as your tongue. Toothbrushes should be replaced roughly every 3 to 4 months, as bristles can wear down over time. Rely on fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush for optimal results. Specifically, one study found that fluoride in toothpaste maintained healthy teeth and reduced tooth degeneration (1).  A separate study found that fluoride toothpaste reduced tooth decay over time (2).

Assessing Buckhead Dental Care Major and Minor Problems

Emergencies warrant a visit to the dentist.
Although, how you respond before you make it to the dental office can either turn things for the better or make things worse. For example, let’s say you or a family member suffers an injury that results in a tooth getting knocked out.It is vital to hold the tooth by the crown rather than the root and immediately place it in milk or a moist cloth. Take note that knocked-out teeth can be reinserted back into the socket.

Immediately following this, it is important to contact Dr. Warren’s office for emergency Buckhead dental care right away. She offers 24/7 emergency dental care services.

Self-examinations are necessary.
Make sure to regularly examine your mouth for abnormalities. White spots on your teeth, bad breath, or bleeding gums should be examined by your dentist. All of these issues may signify gingivitis or gum disease. While a dentist can help you in staying healthy, regular dental care and vigilance are just as important for your continued well-being.

Buckhead Dental Care

Count on Dr. Warren, the founder of Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry for all of your cosmetic, family, and emergency dental needs. Her list of services extends to people of all ages with all different dental issues.

Contact her office today to make an appointment for yourself or your entire family, or call 404-477-3060.



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