Ideally, kids should be brushing their teeth as soon as they turn two or three years old, and this requires effort on your part as a parent to impress upon them the importance of clean teeth. Aside from regular visits to trusted Atlanta dentists, brushing their teeth is essential in maintaining a healthy mouth. However, most parents have difficulties in getting their kids to practice good oral hygiene habits, according to a recent study conducted by Delta Dental.
Difficulty in Getting Kids to Brush
In their survey of over 1,300 parents, nearly half of them admitted that convincing their children to brush their teeth is among the most difficult things they have to do, along with getting their young ones to eat vegetables regularly and help with household chores. Moreover, almost half of them also said that it was difficult to get their children to floss regularly.
Furthermore, parents tend to think that their children’s oral health isn’t as well as it needs to be and admitted that their children haven’t been brushing or flossing often. A third of them said that their children’s teeth are brushed only once a day or less.
This does not mean, however, that parents are not trying.  The same survey also showed that 58 percent of them made oral hygiene, from brushing their teeth to flossing, a routine in their own households. To better encourage their kids to brush their teeth, 53 percent of parents view rewarding their children for their good behavior as one way to best excite them about maintaining their oral health.
How to Get Your Young Ones Brushing
It may be hard to make young children realize the importance of their dental and oral health.  However, it’s through ensuring that your children’s teeth are cleaned properly as early as possible and supervising their daily oral hygiene practices that can hopefully instill in them the good habit of caring for their teeth.
Fortunately, there are simple ways for you to get your child brushing their own teeth without having to constantly remind them, and making it part of the routine is a great start. Since kids often learn from example, begin by pretend-brushing (or even brush together) in front of the mirror and encourage them to do what you do. These are just among the simplest ways for you to get your kids brushing their teeth.  You might also want to ask a reliable dentist in Atlanta, GA, such as Dr. Jolanda Warren from Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry to learn the best ways to take care of your child’s teeth.
(Source: Delta survey notes parental difficulties with pediatric oral care, Dentistry IQ, March 4, 2015)

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