According to Colgate, about 30 to 40 million people in the United States alone grind their teeth, most of whom are unaware that they are doing it. Majority of these people are doing it in their sleep, and what they do not realize is that teeth grinding or bruxism puts them at a great risk of developing temporomandibular disorders (TMD) as severe teeth grinding is a known cause of this. If you are suffering from severe bruxism, you should go to skilled Atlanta dentists who can provide you with treatment options to prevent TMD.

Wearing Night Guards

Teeth grinding is a big threat to your teeth’s health, deteriorating their state the longer you put off treatment. A dentist in Atlanta, GA with sleep dentistry knowledge would recommend certain treatments for you. Among these is to wear a custom-made night guard while you sleep. This appliance will protect your teeth from the effects of grinding and lessen the pressure on your gums that may cause pain in the morning.

Night guards are made of acrylic materials that are designed to separate the teeth while you sleep at night. Although there are night guards available at drugstores, it is more ideal to use one that is specially tailored for your mouth. Over-the-counter night guards often cause discomfort and pain when worn for a long time because they are not properly fitted to a patient’s mouth. Custom fitted night guards made by a collaboration between your dentist and a rental laboratory would ensure that your night guard is perfect for your needs.

Other Dental Procedures

In other cases, teeth grinding can be an outlying symptom of other dental problems like improper alignment. Your dentist can help you correct the alignment of your teeth through dental procedures that are appropriate for your unique needs to help you cure your bruxism. Some patients might find that their teeth grinding has already caused some sensitivity or bite issues. For these instances, a dentist will have to reshape the teeth, use dental crowns, recommend invisible braces, or perform oral surgery as needed.

Early prevention and proper oral care is the best way to avoid major dental problems like TMD. Regular visits to experienced dentists at dental practices like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry is an effective preventative strategy for your oral health.


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