I am a veteran dental patient with a very experienced set of teeth so which know when they are getting good attention. I inherited Dr. Warren when my previous dentist retired and I have been very happy with her care. She and her whole staff are extremely friendly, thoughtful and skilled. One almost looks forward to a dental appointment with Dr. Warren. I recommend her and her assistants highly.

Tom S.

I wanted to send you this email in reference to my first appointment with you this afternoon. I must tell you that I was blown away by you and your staff! You are all amazing and the biggest take away from me is your willingness to educate your clients first and foremost. That is a completely different approach than what I am used to. Thank you for your time today and most importantly, thank you for you customer service! You have a PHENOMENAL staff! I look forward to my next appointment.

J. Ages

Thank you, Dr. Warren, and all of your great staff, for helping me maintain a healthy set of teeth! I always appreciate the friendliness, professionalism and honesty when I go for routine visits, as well as your being there for me when I need to express a concern. I love my Rotadent toothbrush and would not want to “go without it!”

N. Farr

I moved to Atlanta 1 year ago and needed a dentist. I’m extremely fortunate to have been referred to Dr Warren’s office in Buckhead. My experience with Dr. Warren and her great staff over the past year couldn’t have been more positive. My first appointment was like no other experiences that I’ve had with a dentist. We began in her office. As a staff member wrote notes, Dr. Warren asked me questions about my dental past as well as my objectives and needs, if any, of her practice. We agreed to a comprehensive treatment plan that would be achieved over time. On a subsequent visit I mentioned to her that I had been snoring and asked her opinion on a solution. She referred me to a physician who ordered a sleep study, and long story short, my quality of life has changed dramatically for the positive. Dr. Warren expands her expertise by continuing education in adjunct fields to better help her patients that she cares for very much. I cannot thank her enough for that referral or how responsive she has been towards my dental needs. If you live in or around Buckhead, see Dr. Warren. If you don’t, make the trip several times a year, it’s worth it.

Kevin S.

We moved to Atlanta last summer and after settling into our new home, we had to begin the difficult chore of finding a new dentist for the family. After extensive research, reading reviews and getting many referrals, the dentist that kept coming to the top of the list was Dr Jolanda Warren. It’s important to note that my teeth are not great and I am pretty anxious when at the dentist. Setting up the first appointment was effortless. So, off I went nerves and all. Immediately upon arrival I was put at ease. The office team is friendly, kind and very professional. Dr. Warren runs an excellent operation from beginning to end. It is a great experience. Dr. Warren is very caring and extremely knowledgeable. She spends more time with you than other dentists. She wants to make sure that you are comfortable with the procedures and the treatment plan. I have had several visits now for consultations and cleanings and would recommend Dr. Warren and her team without hesitation.

Michael M.

Dr. Warren has been my dentist for the past eight years and during that time I have had several procedures. Each has been done with care, perfection and without pain. Her knowledge and professionalism is very impressive. I appreciate the time she spends educating me and the true concern she has for my teeth. You know immediately that she loves her job and her patients. Her work is beautiful. I use to dread going to the dentist. Now I actually look forward to seeing Dr. Warren.

Renee C.

Dr. Warren and her wonderful staff are friendly, caring and compassionate yet superbly professional. When it was time for me to have dental implants, Dr. Warren gave me very thorough information (and no pressure!) in order for me to make the best decision. I knew that her expertise would assure me a positive experience with an outstanding result. And that is exactly what happened! My wife and I are delighted to be in her very able care.

Don M.

Dr. Warren really cares about her patients and is very knowledgeable and helpful. In addition to teeth cleanings and cavities, I broke some teeth earlier this year and she adjusted her schedule to get me in quickly and made my teeth look even better than before!


I have been seeing Dr. Warren for several years, and always have a good experience… which is a bit unusual for most dentist visits. The support and office staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Warren also spends more time with you than other dentists I’ve had — she isn’t the type that stops by for a quick look after the cleaning is done. She is much more hands-on and proactive with patients. I would fully recommend Dr. Warren to anyone looking for a friendly, knowledgeable dentist.

Peter W.

Dr. Warren and her staff go above and beyond to create a welcoming, friendly, and relaxing dental experience. Her care, compassion, and professionalism is of the quality rarely found in the dental industry today. Dr. Warren has fully embraced modern technology, offering computerized X-Rays, records, in-room computer displays and even encourages her patients to send her text messages relating to questions and problems. Dr. Warren’s office staff is incredibly friendly both in person and over the phone. Scheduling is simple and easy and they keep insurance claim submissions simple. Her dental hygienists are also very professional and caring, taking time to fully communicate with the patient and ensure every step of the process is a painless as possible. For years, I had searched Atlanta looking for a high quality dentist. After trying many corporate based dental operations, I had lost hope of finding a permanent dentist. Dr. Warren far exceeds my expectations with each visit. I cannot highly enough recommend Dr. Warren and her very capable staff.

Robert S.

Dr. Warren is the best dentist in the entire world. I am from Atlanta and went to her with an emergency, and stayed with her. She didn’t approach me as a quick fix. She took her time to educate me and make sure we took the appropriate steps for the best result. She taught me so much about my dental hygene.. and now i am obsessed.. She saved me from a life of cavities and gum problems. She cares so much about her patients. I recently moved, and I am devastated to not have her for a dentist any longer. I am actually writing this review as I am looking for a new dentist.. going on 2 months of looking…. I felt like I had to let everyone know how amazing of a dentist and a person she is. I lucked out and will not ever be able to find a suitable replacement.

Kailyn A.