Your local Atlanta dentist could do more than just clean your teeth or pull out your damaged tooth and send you home with a clean bill of dental health.  In fact, she may be able to perform a whole range of different dental procedures to accommodate the more common needs and problems many patients have.  Below are some of the regular services you can expect from the best dentist in Atlanta:

Teeth Whitening 
– is a dental procedure that reduces tooth discoloration and staining. Discoloration occurs mainly because of chemicals that affect the teeth’s enamel. These types of chemicals may be found in beverages, such as coffee or tea, in medications and in cigarettes, and at times, as a reaction from a disease. There are different ways to whiten teeth that include chemical-induced whitening, use of mild acids, abrasive teeth whitening, and laser, which is the latest method of teeth whitening in the market.

 – are tooth covers that wrap around the entire visible surface of the (prepared and cleaned) damaged tooth. Dental crowning is a procedure that improves both appearance and function of the tooth, greatly adding to its strength, durability, and stability. A dental crown is placed over a tooth that has been damaged by tooth decay, age, improper bite, or teeth grinding.

– are cosmetic tooth attachments that correct any tooth problem concerning both color and shape. Tooth veneers are recommended as an alternative to crowns. A thin piece of specially contoured material made of porcelain or plastic are glued on the tooth. Unlike crowns, veneers may not necessarily require removing a portion of the tooth for the porcelain to attach solidly.

– is a dental appliance that corrects any misaligned or abnormally arranged teeth. Traditional metal braces are highly visible, but its corrective results, once removed at the proper time, are permanent. Thankfully, today, there are Invisalign braces that are not only practically invisible, but are also removable.

– are non-permanent replacements for missing teeth that may be removed any time you choose. The material most commonly used for dentures are porcelain or acrylic resin, although metal is sometimes added for extra stability. Dentures may either be partial or implant-supported, depending on the extent of damage or loss.

If you feel that you need to have any of these dental procedures done, visit your trusted dentist office in Atlanta, like Buckhead Esthetic Dentistry, to find out the recommended procedure for your dental condition.


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